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The publication of the 50th, jubilee issue of our quarterly is conducive to memories and a few words of commentary. Since 2006, we have published in “Quart” dozens of texts which clearly demonstrated how diverse the faces of contemporary art criticism and history can be. We tried to make each of the issues interesting not only for specialists in this field, but also for people simply interested in art. Hence the articles discussing ancient and more contemporary art, rooted in the tradition of the discipline and trying to broaden its boundaries.
It is no different in the presented issue, where the text about the Radziwiłł collection (Konrad Niemira) meets with a sketch on contemporary art created in Colombia (Ewa Kubiak), and Poland’s accession to the European Union gains its iconographic and allegorical expression in Anna Myślińska’s article. The whole is complemented by an extensive analysis of the relationship between contemporary architecture and philosophy based on the example of the Parisian Parc de La Villette (Cezary Wąs) and a discussion on an exhibition at the Poznań Arsenal, feminist in spirit and socializing in the form (Daria Skok).
As the originator and head of the editorial office of “Quart” from the very beginning of the quarterly’s existence, I would also like to thank all the authors whose texts we have printed, and whose cooperation we still count on, as well as – first of all! – people without whose collaboration and involvement “Quart” could not have been published. I’m thinking mainly about Andrzej Jarosz, Cezary Wąs, Sylwia Świsłocka-Karwot, recently – Jakub Zarzycki, but also about our excellent graphic designer Wojciech Głogowski, about our proofreaders – Elżbieta Niegoda, Anna Momot and Dorota Ucherek, and about Izabela Magdziarczyk. I hope that our further cooperation will continue – like an Orchestra – regardless of the political and methodological turmoil, until the end of the world and one day longer.

On behalf of the Editors
Prof. Dr. Hab. Waldemar Okoń

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